1982 - Studio San Martino Opens

Varese, Via San Martino: since the beginning of the twentieth century it was a cradle of ancient artisan shops and professional offices including those of lawyers, notaries, doctors, and architects, a laborious and lively street that well interpreted Lombardy’s dynamism; a place with many stories to tell that intertwine between family sagas and the stubborn desire to achieve long-dreamed state-of- the-art projects. An ambitious project that came true and was handed down to the next generations was one that saw as protagonist architect Marina Maslowsky who, on April 28, 1982, opened with Patrizia Vestri the STUDIO SAN MARTINO.

Studio San Martino

Studio San Martino

Therefore, the choice of name is linked to the place where the business opened its doors but also to the ancient meaning of "Fare San Martino" or move, change house. Initially the architectural design business was carried out alongside the real estate brokerage service: soon the latter prevailed, with the offer of high-profile and particularly prestigious buildings.

1989 - A growing business

Varese in the eighties was a city with a full employment expansion and, soon, STUDIO SAN MARTINO became a reference point in the real estate sector for the city and in the province of the seven lakes. In 1989, the two founders took different and complementary routes: Marina Maslowsky became the sole owner of Studio San Martino, while Patrizia Vestri opened Studio Colle Verde which deals with condominium management.

Studio San Martino

In the mid-nineties, the activity had a remarkable development: in 1997, Giacomo Baranzini, Marina's son, joined the staff, and the firm strengthened its activity toward the management of high quality buildings with prestigious clients. Until 1999, the office remained in Via San Martino then it was moved to Via Cattaneo, still in the heart of the historic downtown of Varese, continuing its path of offering high quality consulting and real estate property services.

Studio San Martino

2000 – Office consolidation

At the beginning of the third millennium, the market was affected by a downturn both in the amount of real estate transactions and in the value of residential and commercial properties. And specifically in this very delicate stage of change, between the transfer of real estate agencies and mergers, STUDIO SAN MARTINO consolidated its leadership among real estate agencies on the market of Varese and province.

The owner, Marina Maslowsky, for years a member of FIAP Varese – the Italian federation that brings together the best professional real estate agencies in the area - was elected Provincial Councilor of FIAP Varese’s Board: her position as manager of the Culture and Training sector testifies her commitment to the real estate sector, which is confirmed by her son Giacomo Baranzini’s commitment and the commitment of everyone working at STUDIO SAN MARTINO in every negotiation with clients that are increasingly sophisticated and demanding.

Today – A United Team

Since 2012, that firm that was born as a small family business was transferred to Giacomo Baranzini, who implemented - in line with the quality commitments of the past - a route of renewal and modernity, taking advantage of the latest technologies on the market. The goal is to meet the needs of the sophisticated clients that choose the real estate agency to bring their dreams, projects and investments to fruition through services provided with the utmost reliability and effectiveness.

A new office in Via Cavour 38 and a united team of four people are ready support every client at the best of their ability

Studio San Martino

Studio San Martino

STUDIO SAN MARTINO at its location in Via Cavour 38, in the refined and historical downtown of Varese - fully reflects the style, services and quality of its founder and its owner.
Today STUDIO SAN MARTINO consists of a professional staff of three people who know how to meet the needs of clients making available to them their knowledge and specialized skills

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